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Full Bore Counter Sleeve.


FracTechnology’s new patented ‘’Full Bore Counter Sleeve’’ enables operators to run up to 50 individual stages, with a max number of 10 sleeves in each stage. All stages and sleeves are operated with no smaller ball than 3,7” ball, for a total of max 500 sleeves in 1 well. This technology uses exclusive counter sleeves, to count the number of activation balls passing each sleeve. To catch and retain the activation ball, a dedicated catcher sleeve is used in each stage.

‘’Full Bore Counter Sleeve’’ are Run In Hole as part of the string to isolate the various stages, combined with swell packers. The first activation ball will travel through all stages in the operators well and open all sleeves in in the first stage. On the last sleeve in this stage the ball will be retained. Once retained, the previous stages are isolated and fracking of the desired stage can start. When fracking is completed in the selected stage, a ball of the same dimension can be dropped. The ball will open all sleeves and further be retained in the retainer sleeve in the given stage. Fracking of this stage can now start. Repeat until all stages are fracked. The system is intended for use with dissolvable frac balls.



  • After production, the ball seat and sleeves remain intact and can be re-used for future re-fracking

  • No need for post frac intervention to remove ball seat restrictions                                  

  • Cost effective simple design = low cost solution comparable to traditional sleeves with incremental ball seats.

  • Simple logistics 1 ball dimension for up to 10 stages                                                       

  • Up to 10 sleeves in each stage

  • With a combination of 3,7”_4,0”_4,3”_4,6”_4,9 activation ball operators can have up to 50 individual stages.

  • Up to 500 sleeves in the same well for max number of frac points              

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